Step And Dance Gives You Major Dancing Goals

Faizan Khawaja certianly knows his moves, wondering why we say so?

Not long ago, Faizan Khawaja revealed in an interview about that one thing nobody knew about him. He happened to confess being a pretty good dancer and that he was going to be releasing a video soon featuring his dancing skills. And so here we are.

The man, true to his words has released an official dance video featuring the beautiful Sonia Nazir and himself in an avatar we have not seen before. Yes, the two are dancing like their lives depend on it and boy are we impressed.

As it appears he can hold his own alongside top dancers in the industry. As far as Sonia Nazir is concerned, she is perhaps a non-dancer, trying a dancing stunct for the first time. But she cheerfully melds into the moves with Faizan. And if you ignore a few unsynchronized moves, one can say the entire one minute forty-five second video happens to be an enjoyable experience.

Needless to say, dancing has now become a mandatory staple for our industry but we’re certain of one thing, not everybody, even the top tier stars here, have this knack for dancing. But this guy here, Faizan Khawaja knows his moves well and is not afraid to put them on show. He’s well synced and his lines are clear and it all shows in the video that has been amazingly choreographed and produced. We just wished Sonia was able to match Faizan step for step. The lady has the moves but her lackluster energy is visible. She fades in comparison to Faizan here.

If Step and Dance is intended as Pakistan’s version of Step Up, we believe some more work will be needed here. Despite the fact that Faizan Khawaja is a good dancer and he knows how to keep up with the tunes, he has a long way to go. A little more effort needs to come in from the choreographers Sikander Arif and Raina to bring out the best in these dancers.

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