Noor Bukhari files for divorce from Wali Hamid Ali

"I guess I am just unlucky when it comes to finding a faithful spouse,” revealed Noor to HIP
Published 27 Mar, 2017 03:18pm

This year seems to be bringing with it a lot of surprises in the form of some famous divorces taking place in the industry. Starting from Jana Malik and Noman Javaid to Veena Malik and Asad Khattak and now Noor Bukhari and Hamid Ali Khan, divorce has somehow become the latest cool.

While Veena and Asad might have settled things over a song, things might not take a U-turn for Noor and Wali.

Having married Wali Hamid Ali, the son of famous classical singer Hamid Ali Khan, in 2015 after falling in love with one another while working on their movie Ishq Positive one had hoped that this time around Noor would prove to be lucky and finally settle down but as they say nothing in life goes the way one plans.

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Where the reason for her taking a Khulla from Wali maybe too personal to openly disclose, Noor in her blog stated how she had tried for four years to work things out between the two and hated the word divorce but had no choice to go through it again.

HIP got in touch with the star to find out what prompted her to take such a decision and this is what she said,

“Things were not working out between us and it reached a point where it was better to part ways in a civilised manner”

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Noor further added,

“May ALLAH give Wali all the happiness in the world I guess I am just unlucky when it comes to finding a faithful spouse”

This was Noor Bukhari's fourth marriage which hasn’t worked out while in the past she has been married to Vikram, director/producer Farooq Mengal and Awn Chaudhry.