PEMRA fines two channels for airing indecent content

Geo News and Hum TV slapped with a fine of Rs 1 Million!!
Published 01 Apr, 2017 04:58pm

With so many channels going on air the most essential thing to focus on is what type of content is being aired which is acceptable to the audiences. With PEMRA in the past having banned Amir Liaquat's show on Bol TV for spreading hate speech it seems the authority is back in action by imposing a million rupee fine on not one but two well-known channels!

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One being Geo News for showing indecent content on their morning show Geo Pakistan which received a lot of complaints from senior journalists as well as the viewers for airing objectionable clips. With the channel not able to give PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority) a satisfying answer the authority had no choice but to slap a five day ban and not allow it to broadcast, rebroadcast fresh, old or even repeat content on Geo News from 3rd April till 12th April 2017.

Another channel who is facing the wrath of PEMRA is Hum TV which is known to air dramas with a strong message. Recently an episode of Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain known to show short stories every week came in to their notice for once again airing indecent content. The authority also stressed upon the fact that channels should be careful about the selection of the themes for their drama as a large number of people tune in to watch such shows. The channel should keep in mind the provisions of the electronic media especially programming and advertisements code of conduct 2015 as well as the culture of our country as stated by the authority.

With Hum TV asked to pay the Rs 1 million fine within three weeks from the issuance of PEMRA's decision we are now waiting to see how careful makers as well as anchors will be in the future.