Punjab Nahi Jaungi Teaser Is Out & We Can't Help Falling In Love

It's colorful, its vibrant and it's everything we wanted it to be...

The first look for Punjab Nahi Jaungi is out and we can't help falling in love with it. In fact we're hooked at just how gorgeous everybody looks and as it seems, PNJ is certainly going to be one movie with all the masala for making it an instant hit.

In one minute, the teaser takes us to a journey through the lush fields of Punjab and all the excellent colors it has to offer. And by the way, we're drooling over Humayun Saeed and his look for Punjab Nahi Jaungi. We'll be honest and tell you he looks better in this one than Jawani Phir Nahi Ani and of course his dailogue "Mai marunga tu ana parega na" to Mehwish Hayat's "Mai punjab nahi jaongi" has clenched our hearts. Yes guys, he looks that good and we won't hesitate to admit it here and now.

Double tap ❤ for this punjab nhi jaungi couple.

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The teaser for Punjab Nahi Jaongi has given us great hopes for the movie. It seems like a fast paced plot with a story to look forward too. Mehwish Hayat looks like our modern all-business no nonsense female while Urwa Hocane is a pack of instant sunshine with her look for the movie. And Humayun Saeed, we just gushed over, a little while ago.

First look of #punjabnhijaungi.

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For those who think it will have a similar feel to Dillagi with Mehwish Hayat and Humayun Saeed in the lead, move aside people, we love their chemistry and they're here to stay. Nadeem Baig is all set to give us another hit with Punjab Nahi Jaongi.

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