Uzair Jaswal & Sadia Khan to star in Geo TV's 'Shayed'

As Jaswal gears up for his second television stint and album, HIP talks to him on what's next!
Updated 11 Nov, 2019 02:45pm

Uzair Jaswal is all set to star Geo Entertainment's upcoming production titled Shayed and so HIP got in touch with the prodigy to find out what we can expect and everything else happening in the sensation’s life.

"Shayed is my next big project. The play has been directed by Khuda aur Mohabbat 2-famed, Syed Ali Raza Usman and has been written by Faiza Iftikhar. It also stars Nouman Ijaz and Saadia Khan in lead roles." Uzair told HIP over an exclusive telephonic conversation.

Since it's Uzair's second television stint, we wanted to find out what made Jaswal say yes to Shayed and not anything else that came his way. "I weighed down my pros and cons because I was really looking forward to a potential role on TV this time. Acting is something I've always enjoyed. In fact I've done a lot of theatre in Islamabad. And since Shayed offered me everything I was hoping to find; an excellent star cast, brilliant direction, great storyline and a very strong character called Saad, I couldn’t have said no." Uzair responded.

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"And I'm also doing the OST for the play so let's just say I couldn't say no to a project that let me enjoy both my passions,” he laughs. “Music is my first love and acting is what I enjoy so when Shayed came about with both prospects, I said yes. The better part won, yes."

When questioned about his character, Uzair was keen to tell us that, "Just to break it to my fans, I'm not going to die mid-play in this one," he giggles. "Ghaziyaan's character in my first drama Moray Saiyaan was killed off during the first few episodes and I had to answer to so much emotional fan mail.”

"I play the character of Saad, who is a hopeless romantic, very young at heart and crazy in love with this girl. That's pretty much all that I can reveal about at this stage," Uzair shared.

Jaswal also revealed how he is working on another surprise for his fans at the moment. "Apart from the drama, whose shooting has been completed about 50%, I have also been busy making a lot of music. My next album has just been completed and the music videos are going to be a big surprise. I'm eagerly waiting to release them as soon as they’re done."

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Between shooting for a drama, creating music, finishing an album, focusing on his studies and exams and of course bagging awards along the way, doesn't Uzair get tired? "I have so much energy at the moment, but so less time. I'd do more if I could make time for it,” he says. “Acting is time consuming. It leaves you with very little time for doing something else. I've been juggling everything, but I enjoy the mad race, makes me give everything my absolute fullest."

With everybody dashing to work on the silver screen, does Uzair have any plans for the film industry after making his debut in elder brother, Yasir Jaswal’s Jalaibee? “I do. In fact there were a lot of scripts I was considering and liked one or two,” he disclosed. But things couldn't work out because of some date issues. But I'm definitely waiting for something substantial to come my way.”

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Before we wrapped up with Uzair, we asked him how he felt to have won an award in the same category as his brother, Umair - was there any sibling jealousy or was all goody-good. "Oh it feels amazing. The better part is no matter who wins; we get to take the trophy home. I feel honored to win awards and nominations with my bros. It's a great feeling, one that I cannot describe with words," he honestly states.

After Moray Saiyaan on ARY Digital, Shayed is going to be Uzair Jaswal's second television outing. And judging by the looks of it, this one might do well for the double threat.

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