Aagha Ali and Sanam Chaudhry to star in upcoming serial

After 'Tere Mere Beech', Aagha Ali and Sanam Chaudhry will be seen together in a serial that airs after Eid.
Updated 19 May, 2017 03:46pm

The talented young Aagha Ali has another serial project in the pipeline where he will star opposite Sanam Chaudhry, the princess of the small screen, again.

HIP got in touch with Aagha to collect all the details about their upcoming serial.

Aagha starts with explaining the plot of the serial,

"It is about love and greed. I'm playing a greedy guy who is in love with Sanam. And Sanam plays a young, innocent girl. My character is very interesting, he has two evident shades. One is the hero, and the other is the bad guy, who gets angry when it comes to money. Financial gain is very important to him, hence the greed."

Apart from Sanam and Aagha, Javeria Abbasi, Ghana Ali, Saba Faisal, Jinaan Hussain and Sheheryar Zaidi will also be appearing. Regarding air time, Aagha revealed,

"InshaAllah after Eid the promotions will start and soon after that, the play will be aired."

Having been previously cast together in Tere Meray Beech, we asked him how different this project was for him, to which he replied,

"It's very different from Tere Meray Beech, she and I both have entirely different characters. I'm sure the ones who enjoyed Tere Meray Beech will love this serial as well!"

We wish the two best of luck and hope their production is as intriguing as they've revealed it to be, so far.