Ali Zafar's 'Ishq' is a haunting treat for the ears

The song tells a story we're used to seeing on screen but its composition is intriguing.

There's a certain mood one would want to be in to listen to the newly released 'Ishq', but it's safe to say, the song transports one to an entirely different place. Ahsan Rahim's directorial debut film Teefa in Trouble features Ali Zafar's song 'Ishq', which the multi-talented lead wrote and composed for his performance in the film.

The song has a rather long build up. Ali's sultry voice is accompanied by chilling background vocals, along with mellow music and constant beats. What had us hooked was when he says, "Uski nazar pari jo uss par, tou bhari jawaani mein aur bharam aagaya."

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In comes the electric guitar, the mood changes completely and Ali takes charge of the song. His tone goes from narrating to claiming. The powerful vocals he's known for are evident here. The story of the song progresses, swords collide, giving a very old school touch which makes us further curious as to what era the film will showcase.

What was disappointing was the lack of lyrical variety on the female's part. It's understandable this is Ali's song but other than saying "teri houn", it would've been better had the female taken her stance in a less inferior way. This gives a glimpse of the female character of the film and sadly, it seems she might carry the same damsel in distress attire we're so used to seeing in Pakistani films.

The song moves to a faster pace, with a catchy beat playing towards the end. It definitely doesn't fail to provide a variety in composition, highlighting Ali's creativity as an artist.

After his strangely epic performance with Teefa in Trouble's leading lady Maya Ali at the recent Lux Style Awards, we look forward to the release of the action-comedy flick, which will also be Ali's Pakistani film debut. The song is exclusively available on Patari. Listen below: