Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai, fails to entice us

The drama isn't proving to be an eye opener, despite its strong subject matter

We don't doubt the fact that Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai addresses a very crucial issue that exists in our society, but we feel it isn't making any impact as of yet. Perhaps it could be because other dramas have more entertaining and engaging subject matters. The issue of a patriarchal society rings a truthful bell, but Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai fails to get people talking or create awareness in society.

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Six episodes down, Rahila is expecting and her husband Shahzad is over the moon. The man however, depresses his wife when he tells her Naheed's daughter has been diagnosed with polio and they need to go and console his sister.

Saima Noor as Naheed appears excessively. Even though she represents a young mother of three daughters, the lady looks old and unfitting for the role. In scenes where she asks for money from her husband to get her youngest daughter checked for polio, rather than appearing pleading or worried, Saima comes across as a woman who would bash someone's head upon hearing the word 'no'. What we're trying to say is, even though she has been the reigning queen of Pakistani cinema, when it comes to dramas, Saima doesn't match up to the potential required of her character. Rather than giving what's needed, she seems to go overboard with her acting. And yes, the costume designer really needs to dress her in colors that are appropriate for her age and character. Flamboyant red didn't do justice to Naheed's character at all.

Shahzad walks in on Naheed and Sadiq arguing, over how her daughters are mistreated. But rather than offering help or listening to her, he calmly asks her to be quiet and discuss the issue with reason. Shahzad's character appears without a spine at the moment, just because his wife doesn't approve of his sister.

Anila's track is okay at the momemt. She is currently the house favorite, because she bears two sons. She is now enjoying a life of luxury at the hands of her second husband. She does nothing but insult Naheed and squander her husband's money without any regrets.

Sajid Hassan is doing a great job as Sadiq, making us despise his character of the patriarchal father. The way she showers Anila's sons with love and doesn't even look at his daughters, disgusts us.

Ayesha Khan as Dado is doing a wonderful job too. She plays the typical, grandson-wanting-mother-in-law, perfectly. The way she treats Naheed and her daughters is enough to make the audience hate her.

Naheed is putting up with the family and the injustices that are coming her way, but in the upcoming episode we'll see her leaving home and focusing on bringing up her daughters herself.

At the moment, it feels like Sajid Hassan and Ayesha Khan are the only ones keeping the drama afloat. Perhaps Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai will become more engaging as the daughters grow up, but at the moment, even with a very strong subject and a potent script, the characters and actors have failed to grip our attention. But let's hope whatever the future brings for the show, manages to captivate the audience.

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