New York based Indie Rock Band set to release music in Pakistan

The Commuters introduce their new single ‘Before I was Born’.

Critically acclaimed New York based alt-rock quartet ‘The Commuters’, led by Pakistani American front man Zeeshan Zaidi, releases their song Before I was Born from their first EP of the same title, in Pakistan. The Commuters includes 4 seasoned musicians, including Uri Djemal on guitars and keys, Ben Zwerin on Bass, Paul Amorese on drums and front-man and guitarist Zeeshan Zaidi.

Released first in the US, Before I Was Born debuted at #3 on the iTunes Alternative Top EP’s and Singles Chart and #34 on the Billboard Alternative New Artists Albums Chart. Written by Zeeshan Zaidi after the birth of his first child, Before I Was Born represents the intensity and familiarity of the relationship between his daughter and wife. The video for the song was born out of a very personal moment for Zeeshan, the passing of his grandmother just a few months before he was expecting his second child. The video of the song has been described through the eyes of Zeeshan Zaidi as he is the living connection between his child and his grandmother exploring “the cycle of life – birth and death and the places they intersect.”

Speaking about the band and musical influences, Zeeshan Zaidi said: “We are four guys who are now New Yorkers, but none of us are from New York City originally, and we all come from different musical places. We’re not a hipster NYC indie band. We all like music that’s experimental, but our outlook has always been very global. For me, being global is less about being big and more about wanting to move as many people with these songs as possible. We already have this connection with so many fans in different countries, so we try to create art everyone can relate to. These songs are personal but general, so we want to be able to reach out everywhere they resonate.” said Zeeshan Zaidi.

Produced by Uri Djemal and Zeeshan Zaidi, the audio for Before I Was Born has been mastered by Fred Kevorkian who has previously worked with The White Stripes, Phish, Maroon 5 and Dave Matthews Band. The video has been directed by animator and visual artist Matt Newman, also known as Mount Emult.

This alt-rock quartet, started their musical journey in 2011, and with a strong melodic sensibility, is often likened to indie-rock bands such as The Killers and Muse. Indeed, The Commuters’ dynamic and personal anthems capture an alt-rock essence that aspires toward universal appeal and their new song speaks to listeners in a direct, uncomplicated way with songs that are equal parts of melody and honesty.

Watch the music video here:


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steve Aug 03, 2017 04:17am

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Beautiful music!!!! I love it!!!! And yes: “we’re not going anywhere!!!!”

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good job guys!!! Zaidi you have mighty voice!!!

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great features, thanks for writing and giving attention to this band

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