5 Iftar items found in every Pakistani household

You know you're Pakistani when you're guilty of having these in your dastarkhwaan.
Updated 08 Jun, 2017 04:36pm

If there is one thing we do best in Pakistan, it is celebrating Ramadan in our dastarkhaans. We take pride in putting together the most scrumptious, not-necessarily-the-healthiest Iftaris.


Healthy non fried Iftar

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We'll get your Pakistani nationality revoked if this is not in your Ramadan menu. We understand you're eating healthy but who can say no to pakoray?

Chana Chaat

We have it the entire summer, but our table in Ramadan is incomplete without it. I mean who does not like khati meethi chana chaat?


“Every unhealthy item tastes best” is our mantra and we are not denying we’ve come to terms with our samosa obsession.

Fruit Chaat

The only healthy item in Ramadan on your table and probably the one thing children are not huge fans of. Fruit Chaats are great for having a balanced mixture of different fruits with a leveled measure of sweetness.

And no, condensed milk chaat does count.

Dahi Baray

They are different kinds and we love them all. Period.

If you’re drooling at each item on this list, you're the typical Pakistani blessed with an angelic mother/wife/sister who fought the scorching summer heat to cook you the meal you think about all day.

Have we missed anything? Add to our list in the comments!