HIP Picks: 90's trends that are back with a bang and we don't mind

Are you a 90's kid and still don't seem to feel old enough? Because the 90's never seemed to have said goodbye.
Updated 25 Jul, 2017 02:24pm

Rough hair, subtle glows, natural coolness and rad clothing; isn't that what we come across nowadays on the streets? That's how it was back in the 90’s, keepin' it real and absolutely minimal with your own punk of style.

Well the 90's trends are back with a bang and it seems like they're here to stay. We list 5 in-vogue fashion trends from the 90's that have taken over our wardrobes entirely.

Ripped jeans

Whether skinny, boyfriend or cropped, bootcut, straight or bell, ripped jeans have been the go to style statement for everyone this year. From top notch celebrities to us run-of-the-mill people, ripped jeans is an item that can be found peeking out of all our closets.

Bleached hair

Did you watch yesterday's episode? #MoraySaiyaan

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Another trend firing up this summer is bleached hair and it's not only enticing the ladies but is also famous among the men. It's an intrepid decision to make but it'll surely make you stand out along a tenuous glowing tan from the scorching heat.

Pigtail buns

Sporting a double bun in a @sadafmalaterre on the #LUX nominee reveal event ! 👗❤️ #Repost @hellopakistan

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With the temperature burning up, girls look for a hairdo that helps them beat the heat and also look super chic at the same time, that's when the 90's classic pigtail buns come to the rescue. This cute and totally fashionable hairstyle has been spotted among the fashion divas this summer everywhere from a girl’s night out to red carpet slaying.


Coz my makeup artist is the best! 📸 @babarzaheerofficial @msamiphotos

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1995, the era of plaid, after our favorite blondie Cher from the exemplary chick-flick movie* Clueless* taught us that it was the fashion statement needed to turns tables. These summers, plaid has been seen worn by almost all of our favorite divas.

Cropped Culottes

Thanks @mimibymariam for these super cool pants! Love 'em!! #ilove #deepbluesea #birthdaylunch

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Cropped culottes have been one of the most elegant vintage style statements and gave a high fashion look back in the 90's. This trend is always a delight to watch as it takes the least effort to make you look amazing.

Now you know what's the in and out these summers so take out your 90's classic DVDs and make your friends wonder how you look this effortlessly stunning all the time.