Travel Diaries: Alyzeh Gabol's Baku adventure!

"Baku was nothing less than Europe, I loved every bit of it." shared the gorgeous model.
Updated 14 Jun, 2017 05:06pm

A model's life is full of adventures and discovering new places while also charging on with work. So recently with her shooting for Ali Xeeshan, we got a chance to chat with the stunning Alyzeh Gabol, to find out all the details about her latest journey to Azerbaijan, which looked like a lot of fun.

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Where did you choose to go and why?

I traveled to Baku, its a beautiful city in Azerbaijan and I was there for photo shoots.

Who do you like to travel with?

I love to travel with family or friends. It's fun and you get time to shop as well as look around. But when it is a working trip then it's usually stressful and busy.

What five things did you pack for the trip?

My makeup bag, favourite heels, few favourite handbags, clothes/night suits and a charger!

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What are the best shopping spots there?

I was staying at the Four Seasons hotel in Baku so it was very convenient for me since all the shops and the brand stores were right outside. I could just walk by the fashion avenue and find everything right there.

Items purchased during your trip?

I did some shopping for my little one, bought a Celine Phantom limited edition handbag, Gucci fur slip-ons Baku edition and Dior sun glasses.

What was your favorite restaurant?

It was a Japanese cuisine restaurant called Chinar food and the ambiance was amazing.

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Tell us about sites no one should miss out on when in Baku, Azerbaijan?

They have this historic old city in Baku which is phenomenal and that is not to be missed .

What can you do there to relax?

As I was on a work trip all the spare time I got I spent shopping which was relaxing. But other than that I would go the gym as well as to a spa at the hotel.

Your most memorable moment?

It was while shooting in the Old city for Ali Xeeshan, where we had a lot of fun. Ali's pieces are creative and it was something different to see for the people of Baku. So they would gather around, take pictures and praise us. The people over there are very welcoming and kind, they hardly understood English but I managed to communicate via signs.

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Finally any tips for the people wanting to visit the city?

It was definitely cold in the month of May, so one should always be well packed as the temperature is unpredictable at times. And like I said, Old city is a must visit, their museums are famous but since it was a short trip, I'll definitely go there next time. Baku was nothing less than Europe, I loved every bit of it!