Ahsan Khan on the true essence of Eid

"Choose wisely and donate money by clearly being aware of its utilization."
Updated 01 Jul, 2017 07:53pm

Patience, endurance and forbearance are some of the very attributes that bloom during the holy month of Ramadan. Filled with enormous blessings that put us back on the path we've been mislead from, Ramadan helps us regain the faith lost somewhere in the traffic of the crowded streets.

Eid-ul-Fitr being a reward for the Muslims after the stoicism of Ramadan, not only the rich but also the poor, we should play our parts in making everyone celebrate Eid with joy to the absolute fullest. Ahsan Khan, in an exclusive exchange of thoughts with HIP, gives away the secret of the key to happiness; the art of giving.

Known for his exceptional performances, Ahsan Khan is a person who believes not only in doing justice to his roles, but also to humanity. Apart from being one of the most refined actors in the industry, he also is a staunch supporter of helping the needy in every possible way. He not only promotes volunteering but also himself has been an active participant of certain NGOs.

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The Rizq Team being one of them, that provides food to the needy. "I think food is the biggest issue in our society which raises the crime rate and also leads people to commit suicide," he began. "I chose to become a part of such a benefacted cause so that I could help in eradicating such issues."

The actor gave out that his basic influence in being an active philanthropist is the happiness achieved by the benefit of humanity. He mentioned deliberately that he warmly welcomed and supported friends and family who initiated to work for this cause.

Putting stress on the necessity of paying attention towards the education of indigent children, Khan said, "The younger generation needs a lot of support and help as they are the future of this nation. They also have a right to learn and grow."

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Being vocal about the true essence of Ramadan, Khan apprised that the month overflows with goodness and positivity and every Muslim should make the most of it. Infusing that, Khan reminded that it was not only the month of abstinence from food but also to spread auspiciousness by helping the ones in need.

"Living in the world as a community; everyone around us, are our responsibility to look after," he says with applaudable compassion. "We should work on humanity first, and then on anything else."

As it is said, trust after all is what matters when it comes to charity, the recent hype of Pakistani cinema has made an even greater impact on the the celebrities working on this cause to guide the public. "Cinema is growing and now, people with a content mindset are entering the industry. The audience does trust the artists more now and such great people have the capability to make change in the society," observed Khan on the fellow patrons among him in the industry.

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The youth has the biggest power over bringing about change in the nation as they are the ones to whom it will be run by. Addressing the youth, he briefed that it is rather easy to scroll and like through social media than to go out and make yourself useful to the destitute but we should make it a part of our lifestyles. He quoted, "There's always a first time to stand up for something. Go out and do something for someone. Make sure that you are doing something progressive everyday for the humanity."

Ahsan Khan once again proved that he isn't afraid to raise his voice against evils and is always ready to ingrain the rights of the needy. While concluding his opinion, Khan beautifully gave out a message to our readers that whenever we decide to donate, we shall make sure that it goes in the right hands.

"Before taking out money from our pockets and putting it in random boxes, look at where it goes and if it's being used in the right way. Choose wisely and donate money by clearly being aware of its utilization," he asserted. "Bring about change this Eid and help your fellow citizens, they need you to stand up for them and support them to indulge into happiness."

On this note, the last notion to give away would be, this Eid, give to the poor and celebrate by spreading happiness. That is all that matters.