Yasir Nawaz joins the cast of 'Baaghi'

We uncover Yasir's opinion on murder, his meeting with Qandeel and much more.
Published 14 Jul, 2017 05:32pm

For some people life can be a series of unfortunate events. These events can either make or break you but one is forced under circumstances to become something they're not. Qandeel Baloch became a sign of controversy, she was a figure when it came to freedom of speech, both visually and through what she had to say.

The upcoming drama serial Baaghi starring Saba Qamar is not a show that glorifies Qandeel as a personality, but attempts to show the few down sides of our society, how situations can force a person to act in a certain way and what extent people go to for achieving their dreams. It will also explore how a low down statement of the fragile male ego is easily hurt by exposure of women in the family.

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With our Pakistani media slowly rising but firmly asserting dominance over issues of our society, this serial too will be making an impact with one of the most promising and devoted cast members of all. Recently news broke that Yasir Nawaz will also be playing a part in Baaghi. In conversation with HIP, Yasir explained his interest in the serial and why he chose to work on it.

“I met Qandeel once before she started posting videos on social media. She would call me often and so I once asked her to see me at my office.” disclosed Yasir. He and Qandeel were no strangers, yet not on very friendly terms either. We’ve all been in a state where we come to know of another human’s issues and somehow unintentionally sympathize with them. “It was a very brief meeting and I knew there was something wrong, it was obvious she was going through something more and wasn't mentally stable.” Yasir added on his meeting with the debated social media personality.

Sadly, it seems that we have become too comfortable with death and violence. “I honestly don't know what happened with her brother, I haven't read the entire script either, but murder, for whatever reason needs to be condemned.” says Yasir while airing his opinion on the brutality of death and how humans feel themselves above the power of the Almighty that they take the life of one another.

“Nobody deserves to be killed brutally like this, honor killing needs to end and I think Baaghi, as a serial, sheds light upon that.” Yasir added and we definitely agree.

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Yasir feels that the show itself is an honest effort on behalf of the cast, Nina and the director, Farooq. “I only have a handful of scenes. Characters come and go in the play, Saba as Qandeel is consistent of course. I only shot for a day. It's an honest effort and I saw that myself.” says Yasir. Let's see how the show plays a vital role in bringing modifications to our society.