Trailer for Pakistani horror movie 'Pari' will leave you with a cold sweat

The film seems to have the right elements of horror, intrigue and mystery, all wound up in one.
Updated 11 Aug, 2017 05:19pm

The trailer of the upcoming Pakistani horror film Pari released yesterday and it has left us in a cold sweat. Yes, this one and a half minute trailer has all one look's for in a horror flick; the right amount of intrigue, mystery, bone chilling horror scenes and some potential actors. A few seconds into the trailer and chills will run down your spine anticipating the next movie. The sound track is another win for Pari, with the buildup to a crescendo in the background and sending off rather horrific vibes right through the screens.

The ending image of a nun might seemed inspired by the Hollywood horror flick Conjuring, we really have to give it to team Pari for having maintained the elements of suspense and thrill throughout the trailer. One keeps anticipating the next move with their eyes shut, during the one and a half minutes that the trailer runs for, and that for us is a win for a horror movie.

Seems like director Syed Atif Ali has tried to embed the true elements expected of horror films into Pari. The trailer managed to grab our attention because of its worthwhile direction and suspense buildup. We might not have the high end VFX to rival horror movies from the west, but Pari certainly seems like a product of the modern day Pakistani cinema, that's truly enroute revival.

The script and the story seems thrilling and catchy enough. Junaid Akhtar, Saleem Mairaj and the little cutie who will perhaps play the titular character of Pari, stood out with their performances throughout the trailer and managed to capture our interest and keep it there.

With Pari releasing this Halloween, we're certain we'll definitely have one local winner amongst the foreign horror flicks that'll crowd the cinema halls with their own elements of suspense and thrill.

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