'Rangreza' title track explores the rock genre like nothing you've ever heard

Staying true to its core of being a musical, is experimenting with different music genres.

Rangreza, one of the most anticipated movies of the year, just released its title track and we're quite excited. Rangreza is said to be a one of a kind musical and the way the movie is exploring music genres is something to look forward to.

Rangreza's first song, Phool Khil Jayien, also the background score for the teaser, impressed us with its chorus and lyrics and expecting the same from the title track, we divulged into this latest rock song to come out from the much awaited film.

This one's is a rock song and what we like about the number is the experimentation done with the music. Although coming in from the rock genre, Rangreza's title track is not chaotic and hits the right chords. We're liking Bilal Ashraf in his hard rock-star avataar and judging from the looks of it, we're guessing the hunk is going to play a heart broken rockstar in the movie perhaps. The song got huge response and crossed 1 Million hits in just 3 hours.

We expected Rangreza's title track to impress us and it has certainly done so. We're looking forward to the movie and now anticipating the track where we'll get to see Gohar Rasheed's much hyped item number with the transgenders. Stay tuned to this place to find out more about the song.

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