Khaadi's message of inclusion with #MainBhiPakistanHoon is beautiful

This independence day, Khaadi brings another reason to love them!
Updated 14 Aug, 2017 12:32am

Khaadi Pakistan is all geared up to celebrate 70 glorious years of our homeland. It's created a beautiful message through the use of visual art for this wonderful occasion. A message of independence and inclusion, a message to celebrate this homeland, a land that embraces all with open arms.

The video features a strong voice over and vocals by Meesha Shafi, which will give you goosebumps. From up north to the deserts, from Muslims to Sikhs, Hindus to Christians, Khaadi explores each and every aspect of the country with #MainBhiPakistanHoon.

What we love about this beautiful video is its simplicity and the subtle way it brings across the solid message of unity. So come along and celebrate Pakistan with us and with Khaadi. Pakistan, a land for the pure, a land for the pious, a land for the people, a land for you, me and us! Watch the video for yourself here and experience the rise of patriotism in your heart, we're all Pakistani and that should be enough to bind us all together.

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