Espresso puts out a distasteful ad and it's not cool at all!

In a recent marketing campaign, the coffee chain happened to cash on the death of a young boy in PML-N’s rally.

Satirizing the death of a small child is not cool at all! And Espresso, just happen to make a fool out of themselves at doing so!

In a recent marketing campaign, the coffee chain, just happened to cash on the death of a young boy in PML-N’s rally early this week. The innocent child, was run over by one of the cars in the rally, and was referred to as the martyr for the sake of Pakistan's growth.

Perhaps Espresso might have not intended to hit at the soft spot and rather criticize the entire issue with satire, the coffee house failed miserable and invoked wrath from users on social media.

The post was instantly met with criticism for which Espresso truly tried to bring their point across to the audience.

But the damage had been done! And so the coffee chain moved on to publishing a public apology for the insensitive post earlier.

The ad provoked very strong ire and condemnation from users and was labelled as extremely distasteful and insensitive. People commented on how marketing tactics would allow people to fall such low to gain attention. However, whatever the intention behind such a post, this was not a cool move for Espresso, and the coffee chain giant has perhaps learnt the lesson well.

With a public apology posted, and if its truly being felt, the point is to forgive, for the spirit of Independence Day. Unite and stand together to question issues that require unity and strength. Espresso, if you feel, the issue isn't paid due attention, start an initiative for the sake of the child's family. Being satirical won't help!

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