Kubra Khan talks about her humble persona, pleasing the society and growing up
Kubra Khan talks about her humble persona, pleasing the society and growing up

Kubra Khan talks about her humble persona, pleasing the society and growing up

Here's an interview that explores Kubra Khan's intriguing individuality
Updated Sep 06, 2017 11:01pm

There are a few new starlets, who upon entering this universe of fame, glitz and glam are majorly admired for their extraordinary beauty and exceptional work. Kubra Khan is a name who undoubtedly deserves such acknowledgement.

Just to name a few, from her debut silver-screen performance in Na Maloom Afraad to Sang-e-Mar Mar, from to Muqabil to Alif Allah Aur Insaan; Kubra’s endeavors have surely had her embedded into the sky amidst the many other stars of this industry!

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However, apart from her talent it’s essential to project the budding actress’s intriguing individuality. She’s not only taken the nation by storm with her regal beauty and hypnotizing performances but has also made a special place in the hearts of those around her with her kind-heart that never fails to spread positivity.

Kubra may be known to all as a brilliant actress; but there is definitely much more to her that makes Kubra the empowering woman she is. And so here's an unconventional sort of interview to bring forth the qualities which make the starlet truly shine!

Regardless of your fame soaring limitlessly at just the beginning of your career, your humble persona is consistent, how do you maintain it?

Kubra Khan: It’s easy to forget who you are, regardless of the field you serve. I’ve always believed in staying true and close to your core which is the key.

In your opinion, what moral responsibility do celebrities have when it comes to creating awareness about current social issues?

Kubra Khan: By choice or not, we do influence our society for almost everything. It’s crucial for us to spread awareness and educate those who un-see the seen.

In a tug of war between peace of mind and what society believes are the norms an individual must adhere to, how should an individual make their decisions?

Kubra Khan: Honestly, you can never please the society fully. The glass is always half empty. As long as you can respect yourself at the end, you’re good to go.

Family always comes first; when given the chance to live away from ‘home’ temporarily, how does it evolve an individual?

Kubra Khan: It’s a whole new level of being a grownup. Living alone a thousand miles away from home, without any support; is a crash course to adulthood.

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What is the difference between professional working women in the East, compared to professional working women in the West?

Kubra Khan: Nothing. It’s not the woman, it’s the system. A woman can and will rock it on Mars if she had to.

What is Kubra’s advice to those with a broken heart and what is the remedy to cure it?

Kubra Khan: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Have faith and keep your head up high because something beautiful is coming your way.

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