Coke Studio season 10 episode 6: A vibrant energy is in the air

Every artist featured in season 10 has given Coke Studio a part of their individuality
Published 16 Sep, 2017 11:43am

Coke Studio season 10 has been a true musical journey. Six episodes down, one has experienced the real sound of Pakistan, ranging from its folk rhythms to the modern day rock. Each and every artist featured in season 10, has given Coke Studio a part of his or her individuality, bringing about a musical realm that hasn’t been experienced before.

Yo Soch, a gorgeous fusion of classic jazz and musical theatrics, managed to wow us owing to its originality and depth. Ali Zafar once again proved he’s the master of all when it comes to variations in musical genres. Matching Zafar step for step was Natasha Khan as she pushed the boundaries of language, diving into depths of sound and love, for Yo Soch. A roller coaster of love, longing and desire, Yo Soch, was the perfect duet by Strings, balanced very well by Ali Zafar and Natasha Khan.

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A power packed performance no doubt. One is amazed at how women belonging to three different genres came together for this energetic and vivacious song. Katay Na Katay is one super-energetic track that experiments well with an innovative blend of instruments. Aima’s spunk, Rachel’s cool class and Humera Arshad’s classic style, all fused together to make Katay Na Katay a larger than life rendition of the already perfect song. Ali Hamza has been stupendous with the arrangements for this one. The guy has certainly put his best step forward creating a masterpiece with the most versatile voices in the industry, and gelling them together for this one track.

It was refreshing for one to see Momina Mustehsan try her hand at something like Ghoom Taana. Along with the Irteassh chorus, the song brought about vibrancy in the surroundings. Salman Ahmed’s signature style shone clear in this particular track, which being as light as it was, happened to be the perfect ode to the already emotionally-stirring track that Ghoom Taana is.

So here’s Umair Jaswal with his textured vocals and Jabar Abbas with his timbre for this perfect rendition of Dam Mast Qalander. Hear the guys and you’ll be set into a mood to groove, complete with head bangs. Shuja Haider has experimented well with bass complete with a chorus of humnawa and goonj of the percussions. A perfect tribute to the maestro Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan himself, this rendition of Dam Mast Qalandar brings about a fresh and very vibrant feel to our favorite kalaam of all times.