Pepsi's epic Battle of the Bands end tonight and Kashmir rules supreme!

Amongst a nostalgic and very powerful grand finale, its the super talented Kashmir boys that emerged as the winner!
Published 17 Sep, 2017 07:45pm

From nostalgic tears to shrieks of extreme pleasure, Pepsi Battle of the Bands grand finale was an emotional roller coaster! Where the episode had us gripping the edge of our seats with anxiety and anticipation of the winners being announced, epic performances by our very own favorite bands of the past had us swooning with joy.

Ali Azmat with an original Pataal Say rocked the stage and was welcomed to the show as a celebrity judge for the grand finale.

Shahi Hasan on stage made us terribly miss the magic the trio including Rohail Hyatt and Junaid Jamshed created with Vital Signs. Shahi gave a solid performance on the song ‘Namumkin’ that was written by Shoaib Mansoor and composed by Vital Signs. Ahsan Bari on the guitars and Daud Ramay from Roots on drums, Namumkin gave us goosebumps.

JOSH the band rocked the grand finale with their original Haseena Baliye, a song that made you wanted to groove there and then!

Pepsi's Battle of the Bands kickstarts on a mighty powerful note

It was then Aaroh with Farooq in the lead, who reminisced about times gone by. The champions of the first ever Pepsi Battle of the Bands proved on stage why they were crowned the champions in the first place. Crooning to Na Kaho, Farooq made us fall in love with Aaroh all over again.

Meesha on stage was a fire cracker. The lady exuded sheer woman power with her amazing track Speaker Phar Diyay, giving the audience a reality check; women too know how to rock and do it right in the feels.

Atif with Pak Watan brought an amazing folk fusion with Kashmiri language to the grand finale. The singer held his own amongst the powerhouse of performers, establishing the fact that he will continue to reign supreme when it comes to beautiful music!

And last but not the least, the EP boys reunited and took us back to the days when the band was literally worshipped for being just so amazing! Fawad, Xulfi, Ahmad, Salman and the others had us grooving to Hamesha, and made us miss those times when we anticipated new singles and albums by the band with every passing day. And yes, Fawad looked and sang like a million dollars!

When it came to the two finalists, we relived each and every moment of the show with beautiful flashbacks and trips down memory lane. Families came forward expressing their joy and happiness over their boys being selected for the finals, reminiscing about their beginning days.

Kashmir and Badnaam both gave their last performances on the stage of BoB and held the audience in a spellbinding grip.

And then came the time for the results. With every heart beat thrumming into the ears, the results were announced and Kashmir ruled supreme.

Pepsi Battle of the Bands 2017 ended tonight but the journey of the two most powerful bands has just begun! Here's wishing the Kashmir boys all the very best while we hope to hear more amazing music, the likes of Buddha Baba and Kaghaz Ka Jahaaz!