Ahmed Ali Akbar; the man behind Parchi's action packed stunts!

It'll be exciting to see how the lover boy Ahmed Ali Akbar turned macho to direct stunts for Parchi.
Updated 21 Sep, 2017 11:13pm

The teaser for Parchi released a day before and left us wanting more from the film. Where we're intrigued by each character's avatar, we're also excited to see Osman Khalid Butt debut as a choreographer for the film.

But as it seems, the makers of Parchi are not done surprising us just yet! Last night when the team of Parchi went live on Facebook, they bombed us with a new piece of information. Supposedly Ahmed Ali Akbar, the lover boy we love, turned macho behind the scenes on Parchi and directed stunts for the film.

What is this dumbfounded look!? #parchi coming out this year

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We've seen the teaser and the action that goes onscreen in Parchi; and now knowing Ahmed Ali Akbar was behind the kicks and the punches, we're even more excited to watch the full length film. At least one deserves to know what inspired Ahmed to make characters jump from buildings and bash each other against the wall.

The Peak, Hong Kong.

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Unfolding this winter, Parchi is all set to blow our minds with its awesomeness but until then who knows what more newer information this badass film bombards us with!

The teaser for Parchi just came out and we're mind blown!