Here's why the Mahira Khan starrer 'Verna' got delayed

Sources claim Shoaib Mansoor might be thinking about reshooting the film's climax.

Seems like there might be a reason altogether for Shoaib Mansoor's Mahira Khan starrer Verna getting delayed.

According to Gulf News, a local weekly in Pakistan was responsible behind the leaked plot line and one liner for the movie due to which the makers decided to re-shoot certain aspects for Verna, causing the delay.

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Adding more to the story, Gulf News claims Shoaib Mansoor was rather upset with the entire team and made sure he gave everyone a piece of his mind, forbidding further discussions about the film directly to the media.

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Speculations are being made about Shoaib Mansoor thinking about redoing Verna's climax as well; confirmation for which hasn't been received from the showman himself.