Mahira Khan proves she's indestructive with her powerful teaser for Verna

The teaser, out earlier today, also confirms the release date of the film i.e. 17th November 2017

She walks in, each step determined, her demeanour alarming. There's pain on her face and her expressions reek of anger and hurt. And then she pummels the mystery man in the tub bloody; delivering one strong blow after another.

Such is thr teaser for Mahira Khan starrer Verna. The lady, plays a rape victim in the upcoming Shoaib Mansoor film and played she has to perfection. One glimpse at the trailer and you'll believe this woman is not staying quiet at any cost.

Power Di Game hai saari 👊🏼 #Verna #Powerdigame #shoaibmansoor #mahirakhan #haroonshahid

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The teaser also reveals the release date for Verna. November 17th 2017, confirming the film is no longer being delayed.

With the power Mahira has potrayed in this thirty second teaser for Verna, one things for certain, the lady is indestructible, whether onscreen or off screen.

Mahira Khan to play an assaulted school teacher in 'Verna'

Set to Xpolymer Dar’s ‘Power Di Game‘ the first look teaser for Verna is truly powerful. 17th November 2017 is the date when the game begins so stay tuned.