Baaghi episode 14 review: Riveting till the very end!

The famous Pakistan Idol incident in Qandeel Baloch's life was aired last night and Saba Qamar completely nailed it
Published 27 Oct, 2017 11:33am

Ever since Baaghi began we have been following it with great interest; not only because it is based on Qandeel Baloch, but also because it depicts the struggle of a simple girl who dreamt about making it big in the industry. However, the circumstances proved against her and with no proper guidance, Fauzia Batool became the internet sensation Qandeel aka Kanwal Baloch in the drama.

By now we all have seen that nothing can get Fauzia aka Kanwal Baloch, down. The girl has been through heartbreaks, has left her son, has no home, and yet she still manages to bounce back and decides to be a part of another competition where she has to sing; much to Gogi's horror!

When Pakistan Idol aired, we got to see Qandeel Baloch trying her best to please Ali Azmat, Hadiqa Kiyani and Bushra Ansari, clad in a rather weired outfit. The judges as expected were not impressed and ridiculed her. However, in Baaghi we got to see the pain Fauzia aka Kanwal went through to gather clothes since she had no money and how enthusiastic she was about the audition, thinking that it might prove to be the turning point in her life.

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Last night's episode was a very interesting watch because Kanwal enters the auditions where the judges were played by Nomi Ansari, Hareem Farooq and Goher Mumtaz. Gogi (Khalid Malik) at the end decides to accompany his friend who is too enthusiastic for the show as she honestly believes she can sing really well. Gogi has always told Kanwal the truth and even discourages her from going to the show since he knows she will face another rejection but because Kanwal never gives up on anything easily, he agrees to accompany her one last time as after this stint she promises to do what he says.

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Our favorite scene from yesterday's episode has to be when Kanwal is standing in the bathroom, trying to figure out what she will say to the judges and which songs she will sing to impresses them all. However upon entering the audition hall the judges are seen to be snickering at her and even laughing at her accent.

Despite given a chance to sing again and again Kanwal fails to win them over and is accompanied outside. And this is where she looses it and lashes out at everyone in front of cameras, crying and calling everything unfair, as was shown in Pakistan Idol. But thanks to Baaghi we now know why Qandeel acted the way she did. The girl had all hopes pinned on this one thing and had believed, from the bottom of her heart, this to be her calling .

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With yet another rejection, Kanwal begins to recap her life up and recalls that nothing is achieved honestly in this industry. This is where she decides to take up Gohars offer because she did try to make it on her own and got nowhere. With tears in her eyes, Kanwal gears up to take another route to be famous and decides to bid self respect good bye.

So now, with Kanwal well on her way to make it big on social media, the coming episodes of Baaghi are a must watch every Thursday at 8 pm only on Urdu 1. Saba Qamar continues to win the audiences over with her perfect portrayal of a character, whom only she could do justice with.