Aik Thi Rania begins on an impressive note
Aik Thi Rania begins on an impressive note

Aik Thi Rania begins on an impressive note

The onscreen chemistry between Syed Jibran and Sumbul Iqbal is impressive as well as the basic theme behind the play.
Published Nov 06, 2017 11:29am

November become extra special because a whole string of new dramas has begun on various channels. And HIP being HIP keeps a watch-out for the best there are.

We recently saw the teasers of Aik Thi Rania starring Syed Jibran and Sumbul Iqbal in the lead and the chemistry intrigued us. And so, we made a mental note to watch the drama and find out the reason behind the interesting teasers.

Directed by Abdullah Badini, the story of Aik Thi Rania has had an impressive start. It revolves around a girl called Rania (Sumbul Iqbal), a top achiever in her class, but besides her mother no one from her family ever praises her. In fact Rania's sister in law (Madiha Rizvi) hates the fact that so many of Rania's awards and shields are occupying space in the house!

Rania belongs to a middle class family; her mother stitches clothes to make ends meet, and her brother is controlled by his over powering wife. He wants Rania to be married off as soon as possible since both he and his wife feel that too much education is going to her head.

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This was the point where our interest grew because no matter how progressive we might be becoming there are certain families who still retain this mind set that girls are ought to be married off before education gets to their heads.

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On the other hand, we have Fahad ( Syed Jibran) who too is a brilliant student, but some how Rania always manages to go ahead of him making him hate her. With the final semester on their heads, Fahad decides to befriend Rania. However, we get the feeling this friendship might not entirely be made on a good basis.

Fahad belongs to a family that struggles to make ends meet. The family has all hopes pinned on Fahad and wanting to fulfill his parent's dream, it seems Fahad will not stop at anything to top his class.

Written by Madiha Shahid, we like the concept behind her story as she tries to show no matter how intelligent a girl might be end of the day all her family wants is to see her married off. But with Fahad wanting to move Rania out of his way, we have a feeling that the story will become more intense with major revelations and twists in the upcoming episodes.

Another thing which works in the plays favor is the pairing of Syed Jibran and Sumbul Iqbal. Both Sumbul and Jibran look absolutely brilliant paired opposite each other. However, one thing that bothered us was the fact that Rania simply did not appear like a girl whose mother stitched clothes to make ends meet and was facing serious financial troubles.

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After Bholi Bano and Ghairat it is good to see Syed Jibran in a role which would neither be bad nor good but will evolve as the story progresses. Sumbul is a potential actress, we enjoyed watching her stint in Ghayal and now in Aik thi Rania here we look forward to seeing how the story will evolve both the character.