Times Ahsan Khan proved he's a gem of a human being!

Ahsan Khan happens to be one of those people who've been born with a heart of gold
Updated 21 Nov, 2017 12:15am

Ahsan Khan, the name and the man need no introduction. Not only is Ahsan Pakistan's most sought after and much talented actor, this one man here is the finest we have in the country. But wait, that's not what completely describes Ahsan Khan. We've heard about people born with a silver spoon, but Ahsan Khan happens to be one of those people who've been born with a heart of gold.

HIP Exclusive: Here’s what Ahsan Khan has been up to

Ahsan's empathy and compassion knows no boundary. The actor might be associated to a number of causes and charities but he publicizes none. From speaking against child abuse to putting up the first ever Wall of Kindness and also doing shoots for causes that support women empowerment, Ahsan Khan has made massive contributions to this society with his kind heart all the while observing silence about it and highlighting only what needs to be highlighted.

HIP takes a trip down memory lane today and brings here moments when Ahsan Khan made us fall in love with him for his philanthropic nature and a very big kind heart!

Ahsan Khan help set up the first "Wall of Kindness" in Karachi

Was able to do this today :)

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When Ahsan hosted the Bazaar-e-Meherban

#AhsanKhan observes the #BazaarEMeherban in Karachi!

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Ahsan Khan hosted Bazaar-e-Meherban for the needy

When he found the missing homeless man on the streets and vowed to help him!

When he celebrated his win at Lux Style Awards with the underprivileged children

Ahsan and his relentless support for inclusion of children with Down Syndrome is the sweetest thing ever!

Do we still need to say anything?

Ahsan even supported children with the deaf reach programme

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The list is never ending but Ahsan's relentless support for Afsheen has stolen our hearts away. May this superhero in disguise be guided to newer heights success