Aangan on ARY Digital begins on a delightful note
Aangan on ARY Digital begins on a delightful note

Aangan on ARY Digital begins on a delightful note

Isra Ghazal as Hajra emerges as the star of the first episode with amazing portrayal of her character
Published Nov 13, 2017 02:55am

ARY Digital has become the leading channel over the years when it comes to high end and quality content for television. Not only does the channel fulfill its social responsibility but it also contributes a large portion to entertainment owing to its amazing dramas. ARY Digital and its dramas top our list of favorites any day and we're quite certain about the channel and the quality of entertainment it offers to all.

And so naturally when a drama comes out of our favorite channel, we keep a lookout for it, bringing you exclusive insights and our reviews over the subject matter. The drama under scrutiny today is the latest "Aangan" that began Saturday 11th November with its full fledged ensemble cast.

Aangan is a typical story of a big joint family, happy on the surface with problems within. Mansha Pasha plays the sensitive daughter Zoya, who has had 120 proposals over the years and is yet to be married. Her niece, being very close to age with her shares a very special bond with Zoya, who loves to write stories.

ARY Digital's Aangan teasers are out and we want to see the play ASAP!

Laila, Rubina and Hajra wives of Zahid, Asim and Sajjad respectively are the three daughter in laws of the house, Hajra being the eldest. The three daughter in laws share the usual and very typical dewarani jethani bond and the bickering is unstoppable in the house round the clock.

And so everything falls over the innocent Zoya who has to watch over the kids and the kitchen because her sister in laws just don't stop complaining. And thats one of the main reasons why she doesn't want to get married in another large family.

Amidst dramas with social issues and sad, heartbreaking stories, Aangan, with its interesting and satirical take on a joint family life comes as a breath of fresh air. Qasim Ali Mureed's direction and Faiza Iftekhar's script have emerged as an entertaining champion in the first episode. Right now we're absolutely loving Iffat Omar and Uzma Hassan in their respective characters; both ladies are fire crackers for sure. However Isra Ghazal takes the lead for the first episode nailing Hajra to the T right from her mannerism to her accent. Qavi Khan and Samina Ahmed are amazing in their roles while Hassan Ahmed and Noor ul Hassan as the elder brothers are adorable.

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All in all, Aangan is nothing too heavy but a delightful watch on Saturdays to give you some light weekend vibes and tonnes of smiles. We're certainly hooked to this one for now.