Hamza Ali Abbasi praises Karan Johar's stance on item songs

"I hope at least this guy's views will help explaining why its not okay to use a woman's sexual appeal to sell films"

If there is one actor in the industry who does not shy away from expressing his views on just about anything at all, it has to be Hamza Ali Abbasi. The star might not have done as many plays or even movies compared to other celebrities but his fan following is certainly more than anyone else as Hamza truly comes across as a person who doesn't shy away from sharing what he feels is right.

So with Abbasi earlier this year condemning item numbers yet again in our movies, it seems he has inspired someone across the border as well. There is another Bollywood celebrity, who shares the same view as our Pyaray Afzal.

According to Hindustan Times, Karan Johar the ace film maker who made Katrina Kaif dance in his production Agneepath to a song called Chikni Chameli recently spoke in an interview with the women’s platform She The People TV where he said,

“The moment you put a woman in the centre and a thousand men looking at her lustingly, it’s setting the wrong example. As a filmmaker I have made those mistakes and I will never do it again."

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Now while none of his directorial ventures have item songs, they have had a fair share of stalking in the name of wooing the heroine which made Johar realiz that it was not a ideal thing to do any more.

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And with Abbasi having come across this latest statement, how was it possible that he stays away from passing a comment about it on his Twitter, as this is one topic he feels very strongly.

"When I spoke against ITEM NUMBERS our desi MODERNATIES lashed at me calling me a wannabe Mullah," wrote Hamza.

The actor had in fact indirectly made a hint at Sadaf Kanwal who did a item number in the movie Na Maloom Afraad 2 but Abbasi never made a direct claim but all knew it was directed at her as the trailer for her song had just come out which resulted in Abbasi talking about the insignificance of item numbers in our movies especially.

But with Johar also condemning them, Abbasi now wrote, "I hope at least this guy's views will help explaining why its not okay to use a woman's sexual appeal to sell films. Hope we can focus on art & reject shameful trends like item numbers."

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And we hope that happens too. We have immense talent in the country who can write powerful scripts where the audiences can be entertained through characters and stories and not by including item numbers.

With Hamza Ali Abbasi busy wrapping up the shoot for Maula Jutt 2 with Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan and also finishing touched to Parwaz Hai Junoon, we are also excited to see him dominate the big screen soon.