"He’s playing the same dirty game which he did 3 years back & this time he made it public," Muniba Mazari

The activist opens up about the defamation lawsuit the ex-husband has filed against her in response to tweets
Published 06 Dec, 2017 11:51am

Muniba Mazari, a much loved activist and television host, was recently sued by her ex-husband for Rs.10 million on claims of her distorting facts regarding the relationship and defaming him on local and international platforms.

Muniba married Khurram Shahzad, a former air force official and now a commercial pilot in December 2005. The couple met with a car accident near Jacobabad in 2008 and Muniba recalled the story on an international platform mentioning how easy it was for her husband to jump and save himself and let her suffer the injuries. Following on, Muniba Mazari divorced Khurram Shahzad in 2015.

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In a petition filed against Mazari, Shahzad maintains that Muniba has developed a liking for modelling and singing after she interacted with foreigners in diplomatic circles as he tried to promote her painting to bring normalcy back into her life after the accident. Shahzad further added that Muniba's interest went against his family values and she left his house of free will in 2014.

Although Muniba Mazari has refrained from making a spectacle out of the issue, the lady, has gracefully replied to a number of tweets on her social media.

In a response to another tweet, Muniba calmly replied claiming that Shahzad is playing the same dirty game he played three years ago and now he's brought it infront of the public.

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A local court in Islamabad is set to take up the case on December 7 and as Muniba states on her social media, she will fight for what's right gracefully inside the walls of the courtroom only.