Aagha Ali’s ’Mein Wohi Aashiq’ trailer is out!

Get ready to see Aagha Ali like never before; aggressive, passionate, fearless and a lover all in one!
Published 10 Dec, 2017 06:47pm

Fan of Aagha Ali? Well you’ve clicked on the right page! Aagha Ali’s trailer for his upcoming video song Mein Wohi Aashiq is out and its INTENSE! We’ll be seeing Aagha Ali in a whole new avatar/ role like never before, aggressive, passionate, fearless and a lover all in one!

The trailer starts of with Agha Ali as Siddiqui in the short film that this music video seems to be, all ready to die and fight for love, starring along side Agha Ali, is Sara Khan as Sara is rather seen madly in love with Siddiqui but entirely aloof of his secret that we are yet to find out too, until the full video comes out.

Agha Ali is all set to dazzle his fans as a musician this time!

The Director, Ahmer Sohail, has definitely aimed to create an intense love story with a combination of action and chemistry on screen to give his movie the perfect balance a movie needs. The trailer surely gives us the following head points:

  1. Aagha Ali as Siddiqui maybe involved in some fishy business that Sara doesn't know about.

  2. The short music video looks more like an interesting film and will contain a lot action scenes

  3. The background music seems intriguing and the idea of the video is exciting because of the chemistry Aagha Ali shares with Sara Khan

Comments and likes from Aagha Ali’s fans are already pouring in on his YouTube channel and Instagram. Fans are already loving the new Aagha Ali completely, and are desperately waiting for the movie to come out, however, no release date has yet be announced. Until then stay tuned to HIP more updates on Mein Wohi Aashiq.