Shaan opens up about his tiff with Mawra Hocane in a recent interview with Fifi Haroon
Shaan opens up about his tiff with Mawra Hocane in a recent interview with Fifi Haroon

Shaan opens up about his tiff with Mawra Hocane in a recent interview with Fifi Haroon

"If she would have called me up and asked about it, I would have explained it to her," Shaan Shahid.

Updated Dec 13, 2017 11:28am

If there is one movie which we cant wait to see it is Shaan Shahid's Arth -The Destination which is all set to release this month. Our excitement is escalating every second and the very reason being Shaan's return to screen in a romantic role after ages; as his last few movies were all action packed thrillers.

With Shaan super busy these days promoting the movie from morning shows to Wagah Border, it was his recent interview with BBC Urdu's Fifi Haroon that caught our attention as besides speaking about Arth he also addressed the issue between him and Mawra Hocane which occurred a few years back over the topic of the Bollywood movie Phantom not allowed to release in Pakistan. The incident had made Shaan vow to keep a distance from the junior set of actors in the industry.

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Speaking quite candidly with Fifi Shaan made revelations that have only increased our respect for this genuine gem of a person.

But how did the war of words begin between Shaan and Mawra ? Well it was in 2015 where Mawra at that time tweeted about how she wanted to see the Bollywood movie Phantom staring Saif Ali Khan which was banned in Pakistan by the censor board due to having anti-Pakistan content in it .

Mawra also tweeted her view on terrorism and suffering of humanity as she was of the opinion that one should respect humanity and condemn terrorism act without judging the nationality of the sufferer.

Mawra's tweets took the controversy to a whole new level when Shaan also jumped in by putting up a status on his Facebook which read "Should we ban actresses like her who are supporting anti Pakistani movies."

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And a hashtag ban Mawra began trending, which resulted in Mawra writing an open letter to Shaan on the social media as things went out of hand and she had begun to receive hate mail.

Mawra maintained that all she meant to do was promote peace and due to Shaan's remarks the controversy escalated.

However now, nearly two years after the incident Shaan opened up with Fifi Haroon where he cleared the air by saying he doesn't even use his social media pages as he does not have time and it is his team who looks after things for him as they feel in this day and age it is good to keep the fans updated about him so the status about Mawra was actually put up by his manager and not by him!

"My Facebook and Twitter account were handled by my manager because I don't have that much time nor am I interested in posting things about what I ate or where I am going but since this is the requirement these days my team kept telling me that I have to be active, so it was my manager who actually wrote ban Mawra where as I had no clue what had happened."

Adding further Shaan mentioned he had no idea about what went on, " It was after 4/5 days when Resham called and asked what happened and why I was in a fight, I still had no clue about it. To be honest with you even today I still don't know out of the two sisters who is who."

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With Shaan being brutally honest and saying how they were youngsters in his eyes, he also mentioned how his manager told him about the letter addressed to him on social media and how upset it made him.

"I was upset with the fact that maybe something lacked in the upbringing, as I am bigger than her in age plus work wise I am a senior, so if she would have called me up and asked about it, I would have explained it to her but she choose to pen a letter and in a haste, posted it as well. However her elder sister (Urwa) is very respectful and meets me very nicely," added Shaan.

Talking more about Mawra , Shaan said, "She went to India to do a movie, I never said anything, my manager made a mistake but the letter which she wrote on Facebook was addressed to me not to him."

With Shaan clearly pointing out how Mawra should have contacted him before reacting and with him giving the example of how if ever Nadeem Shb put up a poster about him saying wanted dead or alive he would never have the courage to even raise a voice in front of him as he was taught to respect his elders. And due to Mawra's hasty decision, the superstar decided to keep at a distance from the young lot.

"From today onwards I will not share my knowledge or anything related to my work with them as I make my own films. I don't even act in plays nor direct them. Neither do I do films in Karachi nor do they even take me so already my interaction with them is none and makes no difference to me."

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With Arth - The Destination releasing on 21st December, we can hardly contain our excitement as Shaan Shahid has proved again and again that the film industry means the world to him as he never left the film line even when it went through a rough patch. Shaan is a true superstar and we really look forward to seeing him on the big screen along with Uzma Hassan, Mohib Mirza and Humaima Malick.