Parchi's latest song "Imagine" will definitely grow on you!
Parchi's latest song "Imagine" will definitely grow on you!

Parchi's latest song "Imagine" will definitely grow on you!

Expect to keep humming ''Banja meri wife imagine, Haye imagine, Hoye imagine'' for a long time!
Updated Dec 20, 2017 03:31am

When we said Parchi's music was just too HIP to miss, we meant it! Not only does the film offers an exciting story and stunning visuals through its trailers, it boasts of an amazing music album as well. Earlier Billo Hai from the film stole our hearts and became the ultimate shadi song of the year and now with Imagine just out, expect to your loved ones singing it to you at all times.

Parchi's music is just too HIP to miss!

Imagine featuring Mika Singh and Keka Goshal is your typical tapori love song but its kinda fun! Banja meri wife imagine, will grow on you with its fun lyrics and very catchy tunes! And of course, its a Mika Singh song so there isn't one single low moment about it. Imagine is a fire cracker of a track without a doubt.

The video is fun too. You get that cutesy retro feel with all the background light and romantic moments, Imagine is certainly pleasing to the eye. The vibrant colors in the video complement the mood and the overall feel of the song. Hareem Farooq looks gorgeous, Usman Mukhtar very much in love and Ali Rehman Khan, the cool dude he is. With a love triangle evident in Imagine, one is now left wondering about who'll be actually taking the fearless Emaan home as the wife, or will she choose her own guy!

This Parchi trailer makes you want more!