Rehan Sheikh's Azad to release on 9th Feb 2018!

After much delays, the film finally has a final release date
Updated 11 Jan, 2018 11:44pm

The first trailer of the film featuring Sabreen Hisbani, Nimra Bucha, Angeline Malik, Sanam Saeed, Imran Abbas, Rehan Sheikh, Zahid Ahmed, and Salman Shahid came out back in the mid of 2016 and it was expected that the film would release somewhere in March 2017. However things couldn't materialize and now the film's final release date has been announced as the 9th of February 2018.

Azad, the star-studded film may release this March

Along with the release date, the official video of the film's song, Kuch Mat Kaho was also released and from the looks of it, music for Azad is certainly going to be much sweet. Kuch Mat Kaho is a song that's pleasant to here and reminds you of your loved one allowing you to lose yourself in a musical trance. Sabreen Hisbani looks her elegant self while Rehan Sheikh's lyrical monologue becomes the highlight of the song as well as the video.

In an earlier conversation with HIP, Rehan Sheikh shed light on Azad's story and the hard work that had gone into making of the film, "Azad is the story of a radio jockey who calls himself Azad and slowly realizes that he is not free even from his own past. It is a light-hearted exploration in a individual's life. It's been a passionate project and a labour of love so the expectation is that it will find its audience, who will appreciate it too. It's not a masala film as such but an off-beat comedy-drama with elements of satire," Sheikh had shared.

It’s all about entertainment in Rehan Sheikh’s Azad