Celebs demand justice for Zainab!
Celebs demand justice for Zainab!

Celebs demand justice for Zainab!

From Mahira Khan to Shehzad Roy, stars came together at the Press Club to raise their voice
Published Jan 12, 2018 03:22pm

The brutal rape and murder incident of the 7 year old Zainab in Kasur has not only shaken the foundations of Pakistan but the world over. The entire world is calling out for the brutality to stop and culprits to be brought to justice so the same thing does not occur with another Zainab ever again.

Pakistanis, including celebs took upon the social media to not only condemn the attack but also demand justice for Zainab and hundreds like her who suffer immediately.

The stars have the power to influence and what was touching yesterday was to actually see them put this power to use. Celebs held a peaceful demonstration at the Press Club yesterday to express solidarity with Zainab's family and demand justice for the little angel. The protestors also urged people to open conversations on sexual abuse and empower survivors to bring the predators to shame.

Stars like Mahira Khan, Ayesha Omar, Hina Bayat, Junii Zeyad, Sahir Lodhi, Shahzad Roy and Sanam Saeed to name a few, alongside social activist, Jibran Nasir, came out on the roads and raised a voice for Zainab.

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In conversation with Dunya News Shehzad Roy said, "We have only one point agenda and that is if we want to save girls like Zainab then life skill base curriculum has to be implemented and we have to fix our criminal justice system."

Roy also urged parents to have open conversations with their children and enquire if they were facing such issues. He also stressed upon the importance of speaking up instead of silence so that parents could become and a pillar for their children.

Adding more to the conversation Mahira Khan also said, "We should talk about abuse openly like we talk about entertainment, politicians and every other thing. This issue needs to be addressed as it is very important. I am hopeful that Zainab's parents will see justice but the question regarding what we are doing for the coming generations still remains."

With the industry present in full force here are some others pictures from the protest which took place yesterday at the Press Club in Karachi where interesting points were raised.

Search operation to find Zainab's culprits are underway. Meanwhime plays like Udaari are important and should be shown to educate the masses about sexual abuse instead of facing a ban as it initially did from PEMRA.

With the Industry united together, we are hopeful that they will force the government to take measures in order to ensure the safety of all children and punish the culprit harshly so that anyone thinking about committing such a horrendous crime again is shaken to the bone.