Khudgarz Episode 9-10 Review: Hasaan’s a raging fire that cannot be put out!
Khudgarz Episode 9-10 Review: Hasaan’s a raging fire that cannot be put out!

Khudgarz Episode 9-10 Review: Hasaan’s a raging fire that cannot be put out!

How far will Hasaan go in this insanity he's living by?
Updated Jan 18, 2018 12:54pm

An hour and twenty minutes went by in a flash. I didn’t glance at my watch, not even once. My mind was engrossed in the characters, as if I am living each one of them. Kudos to the writer for bringing such complex characters to life in Khudgarz, some of them that each one of us can identify with. Also, the simple everyday situations and the uncomplicated dialogues make the viewer relate to the scenes better. The editing is very slick too, with not a single unnecessary or tedious scene. But can we please tone down the lipstick color that the men are wearing?

Khudgarz in review: Aaminah Sheikh and Mansha Pasha steal the show

After the divorce, Abeer is now married to Raheel, and living her fantasy life that she had always dreamed of; although once you’ve been wounded, the scars always remain, reminding you of what you went through. Abeer’s reaction to Raheel when he asked HER to quit, rather than himself, was expected. She obviously felt like it’s his way of taking “control.” The trust between them is still in the initial stages, and it will take lots of TLC, patience and time for Abeer to completely trust Raheel.

Mansha Pasha is absolutely amazing, playing a character that’s being called “doormat” if you read viewers comments online, with utmost brilliance and grace. It’s a character that many of us have lived through. The name calling shows how judgmental our society is; they don’t understand that abused women become “programmed” as such that they assume either the abuse is a “okay,” or they “deserve” it or maybe it’s just the “norm.” Their self confidence goes down the drain, and they are made to believe that they can never be able to live without their abuser. For me Abeer is the strongest of them all! However her chemistry with Salman Saeed was not as magical as last week’s. This is my first drama of Salman Saeed I am watching, he’s good, but I think the dialogue delivery could have been better in certain scenes. The “oomph factor” was missing, is what I felt.

Ayera and Junaid are a loving couple that all of us wish to be. Junaid needed the final closure with Rabiya which he did last week. It was beautifully said, that every person is irreplaceable, and we all have different place in each other’s hearts, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot move on and love again. The two were shown getting more intimate and understanding each other better. I loved their selfie scene, it was super cute and romantic! It literally brought a smile to my face. Romance doesn’t have to be a candlelight dinner with dozens of roses; these simple, real life spontaneous situations are just as romantic, if not more. Both Aamina Sheikh and Syed Jibran have done complete justice to their roles. I am impressed with Syed Jibran’s body language and dialogue delivery, it’s pitch perfect!

The most revealing character today was that of Hasaan. I see hints of his own father’s traits in him, just more vehement, and belligerent and way more cruel. We see Hasaan’s mercurial temperament getting more volatile than ever. I was not expecting Hasaan to let go of Abeer this easily. Also, there was no backlash from him whatsoever; for three months or more he went into hibernation, to think, calculate and scheme his conniving plans. Yes, he was severely depressed too for a while, resorting to drugs, but he composed himself again to take vengeance. There were a lot of clues given today to make the viewer grasp his personality better. I may be wrong, but in my opinion he’s a textbook example of anti social personality with some overlaps of narcissism. He is manipulative, deceitful, has no empathy for others, and shows absolutely no remorse for his behavior. The fact that he let Abeer go without resistance shows that he had no attachment to her whatsoever. Narcissistic however tend to cling to relationships. I am happy to see Sami Khan in a role like Hasaan. He has brought life to Hasaan with the erratic behavior, the labile mood, with the deviousness visible in his eyes, to the point that you can’t tell it’s the same person who played Sherry in Beinteha; it almost seemed like his innate personality.

“Tumhari nafrat main itni taqat hai keh mujh jaise zaalim ko rula deti hai” were the words uttered by Hasaan to his ex- girlfriend Sara. Why can’t he let her go? It’s baffling me at this time. What were the awards and medals for that his mom found? Bike racing? Why did he give it up? Did Hasaan have conduct disorder even as a child? How did the sibling rivalry start? And finally how far will Hasaan go in this insanity? He has a raging fire in his heart, the flames of which are so intense, they will engulf and burn whoever crosses his path. I want to know what’s next in store for Ayera as shown in the promos. Will Hasaan manage to wreck Abeer and Raheel’s marriage? I have a ton of questions and at this point I am addicted to this madness called “Khudgarz.”

With strong performances Khudgarz begins on a positive note