Shehzad Roy and Ali Zafar release their tracks for the HBL PSL 3
Shehzad Roy and Ali Zafar release their tracks for the HBL PSL 3

Shehzad Roy and Ali Zafar release their tracks for the HBL PSL 3

With both stars igniting the passion for cricket we are wondering what a treat it would have been if both sang together
Published Jan 29, 2018 05:04pm

Its that time of the year when the HBL PSL (Pakistan Super League) is all set to take place and of course with the mega event about to kick in preparations are in full swing. With Ali Zafar back again for the third time to sing the official anthem, Shehzad Roy also released his song called Lo Phir Say Miley and with us having heard both we cant decide which is better than the other!

Now the reason why we are so confused is because both Ali Zafar and Shehzad Roy are two true rockstars whose music always ignites the inner patriot in you, but before we give our verdict on which was better lets analyse them first separately.

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Dil Se Jaan Laga De begins on a good note with music and lyrics on point but what works more for this song is its very catchy beat which gets you to tap your feet immediately and with a video featuring all the players having been shot brilliantly, the song succeeds in getting you rooting for your favorite teams.

Coming towards Shehzad Roys Lo Phir Say Miley, is a song that touches an emotional chord and since cricket is the passion for every single Pakistan, we love his song which has a little Latin touch to it and some Ricky Martin feels, not that we are complaining.

With a message embedded that whether the team loses or wins we as a nation would continue to pray for them is an important line and a much needed one. Even though there are no cricketers featured in this but that does not make the video any less then Ali Zafar's as in this one there are kids who are playing the much loved game.

Shooting for HBLPSL song

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And so, we honestly love both. Also, the songs have made us much more excited for the matches because we really can't wait to see how our players will perform once out in the field.

With the opening ceremony to happen in Dubai on 22 February, exciting times are coming for all the cricket fans but till the series begin, do let us know which singers song did you like the best in the comment box below.