Mathira shares heartfelt messages after divorce from husband, Flint J!

It seems, the model/actress was very much in love with the husband who did not value her existence as she claims
Published 29 Jan, 2018 11:29pm

Where marriage can offer one ultimate bliss, it can prove to be a bed of thorns for others. And it seems, this celebrity couple has finally hit rock bottom with their relationship and called it quits. We're talking about none other than the model cum actress cum singer Mathira who recently announced her divorce with singer husband, Flint J, on her social media.

I tried to keep this marriage I tried my best to hold on! It was not easy and yes people will judge me in the society because the woman is always blamed and labelled lol ok ! so yes the divorce is done the hell I am going through and went through only I know and I don't need anyone to know it! I was supporting my self and my child this whole time and will carry on doing that I loved you and still do ! yes even if you do not love me.sometime time even if we die we can't be enough for the loved one I ran back every-time because I wanted us Flint J ! You wanted some thing else ! Have a blessed life no more calls no more questions no more asking for time or love ! I am Mathira so yes I will be accused and blamed but if I have to take all the blames for you then okay ! Will do with a smile I only loved you and still will but this time from a distance I am a looser yes because I prefer you being a winner! I hope you have a blessed relationship and lovely life ! My absence won't be missed I know . The last public I LOVE YOU ME AND AAHIL WONT EVER come back in your life ROCK STAR YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU WANT ! Atleast one of us is living the dream and having a good time ! You say I was a dark phase of your life okay ! Allah is der I wish you light now My son is my life line and that's all ! I don't trust the word love any more! You won! I lost publicly ! #flintj I always said I can't live with out you but today U cut and left me no option now I have too! There is no going back Congratulations for you Freedom Flint j single life back in action!

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Everything you need to know about Mathira’s baby (and the daddy)

"I tried to keep this marriage I tried my best to hold on! It was not easy and yes people will judge me in the society because the woman is always blamed and labelled," shares the starlet over her social media, while claiming how she tried to hold onto her marriage but it fell apart.

Mathira married the Dubai based Punjabi rapper Flint J (Farran J. Mirza), in 2013. The couple have a adorable son Aahil together. Sharing the news on social media, Mathira appeared to be grief stricken but determined to carry on with her life for the sake of her son.

"I have my son to look forward to! Teach him how to make a home and not break one because he is gonna be a dad too and some beautiful girl's husband too," Mathira states in another message while sharing how she is going to be devoting all her time to Aahil alone.

It seems divorce has hit the controversy loved actress/model very hard. HIP wishes Mathira all the strength in this tough time and a very best of luck for her future.