Abbas Ali Khan will melt your heart with his latest track 'Jhoota'
Abbas Ali Khan will melt your heart with his latest track 'Jhoota'

Abbas Ali Khan will melt your heart with his latest track 'Jhoota'

One of the best voices in the industry, Abbas Ali Khan, sings with his soul and an array of stars in the video!
Published Feb 10, 2018 05:43pm

A singer with a trained as well as a melodious voice is non other then Abbas Ali Khan, whose duet with Humera Channa on Coke Studio called Phool Banro remains our most favorite till date. With him having sung tracks like Sun Ray Mooray Sajana and Mujhay Baar Baar, we believe the beauty that lies in his music is the fact that Abbas Ali Khan sings from the heart and this is what draws the listeners towards him more. And this is exactly what we recently felt when we checked out his latest called Jhoota which has an array of stars present in the video too.

Yes guys its true, the video for Jhoota has snippets of celebrities ranging from Javed Sheikh to Humayun Saeed to even Adnan Siddiqui, Ahsan Khan , Aaminah Sheikh and Mohib Mirza to name a few, who all are seen in some serious stills to go along with the theme of the track.

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Directed by Sohail Javed, the video speaks on its own and goes well with Abbas's vocals in the background. Also there are shots in the video which will embed in your mind, for a long, long time.

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Jhoota starts on a great note as this is a soothing track. It ins't upbeat but slow to the point of relaxation. The icing on the cake is Abbas Ali Khan's voice which makes you loose yourself completely as he talks about love and loss making it an ideal track for those facing a tough time with their loved one.

Besides direction, Sohail Javed has also done the lyrics and the composition of the track and with a video which is just as appealing as the song, one can enjoy both.

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So if you want to listen to something slow and melodious then Abbas Ali Khans Jhoota is the perfect track to enjoy on an afternoon with a cup of tea and a good book in hand!