Kids and adults alike, nobody can resist a good sweet treat! And why should they? A sweet tooth doesn't know any age! Its just there! Also when the cravings call in, there's no stopping them!

And you don't really have to stop them now; do you know why? Because there's an all new, rich, real and much satisfying new experience in town!

I'm talking about the new Peek Freans, Cake Up!

Where should I begin? The lovey, vibrant package, with pictures of a spongy cake, rich with flavors oozing out from the centre, makes your mouth water there and then. It beckons to me, calling me out to gobble it up and put an end to the cravings! But no! one is never enough! I've tried them and I always want more!

I can give you a number of reasons, why I absolutely love Cake Up but lets start with a few very basic ones;

Real Goodness

The centre filled delicious cup cakes are made from rich, real fruit goodness. Real ingredients and no flavorings, whats more that you ask for! You've got chocolate, strawberry, golden caramel and double chocolate to try! And trust me, each one is delicious!

Softest Treat Ever

Want a cake that absolutely melts in your mouth? This one does. I tried the double chocolate flavor and I was left with molten, very rich chocolate in my mouth in a few seconds. Yuummmmmiiiiiliiiicious!!!!

Easy on pocket

Kids can forget about having to pinch pennies to enjoy this yummy dessert. Its easy on the pocket so stack up all you want!

With all these reasons, I don't think you need any more to indulge in the rich goodness of Peek Freans Cake Up. Take my word and give it a try, RIGHT NOW!

Thank me later!