Govinda would love to work in Pakistan!

"The world is looking at you, it’s incredibly important that you work according to that," Govinda shares thoughts

90’s would’ve been different without Govinda and that’s what most of you will agree too! Who doesn’t remember Coolie no1; Hero no 1 and Dulhe Raja, the films which made us crazy and we would laugh our heart out on Govinda’s impeccable acting and the comic dialogues the films had.

Govinda, the comedy king had the power to set screens on fire with his comic and dancing skills. If you saw Govinda dancing, you'd feel his face was dancing with him as well. One thing about Govinda is the fact that his fandom is not only restricted to India but in Pakistan too he has a huge fan following.

The acclaimed actor was in UAE a few days back and in a recent interview to a leading publication he showed that not only he has fan following here but he would love to work in Pakistan as well.“I’d absolutely love to.” He emphasized on the word ‘love’ and with a broad smile. “Thank you so much for asking, I’d love to.”

The actor also shared his thoughts about the changes in the industry, “I think there is a lot of hard work involved now. The world is looking at you. And because the world is looking at you, it’s incredibly important that you work according to that. Whether it’s your nature or your physical performance, you have to keep up with the standards of the world.”

Overwhelmed by his response on working in Pakistan, we hope that we might see him on Pakistani screen sometime soon and get a chance to enjoy his performance all over again, reliving our childhood!

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