Abdullah Qureshi Says No To VIP Culture; Hareem Farooq Supports The Stance

Abdullah Qureshi saw the plaguing VIP culture in practice at Air University where he was invited for a performance

It’s no wonder that the penetration of VIP culture in our society can still be witnessed at various places. Be it on roads or a concert in this case, it’s the VIP culture that creates regrettable circumstances for a common man. One of such unfortunate incidents recently took place with the talented musician, Abdullah Qureshi who saw the plaguing VIP culture in practice at Air University, Islamabad where he was invited for a performance last Saturday.

He narrated his incident on social media where he writes;

Say no to VIPs!!

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Although, we all have an experience of attending concerts where the stage is being placed at a certain distance from the crowd leaving a huge area, what made it noticeable and disappointing for the singer was the arrangement of VIP sofas in that area which was only meant for the staff members while not allowing the rest of the audience to come any closer or enjoy the concert as much as the VIPs did!

Abdullah Qureshi is not alone in his disappointment. We all can relate to it. Even actress Hareem Farooq also supported his stance and commented on his post as follows;

Apart from Hareem Farooq, a number of netizens reacted to the post that went viral on the Internet while sharing how they felt about the incident.

What’s your stance on the existing VIP culture in Pakistan? Have you ever been through a regretful experience? Let us know!