Khaani Episode 20 Review: Khaani Is Not Amongst Those Who Would Give In Easily
Khaani Episode 20 Review: Khaani Is Not Amongst Those Who Would Give In Easily

Khaani Episode 20 Review: Khaani Is Not Amongst Those Who Would Give In Easily

Sana Javed sails through the episode with flawless expressions without saying much
Updated Mar 21, 2018 07:15pm

Monday is supposed to be Khaani Day and since we have been waiting for this week's episode more than ever, we are glad that it exceeded our expectations. The eventual face off that Khaani had been dreading with Mir Hadi occurred this week, and she passed it off with flying colors.

Khaani showed strength this week, while Mir Hadi gave in because he loved her a tad too much. The episode finally proved that Hadi's madness for Khaani isn't his obstinate nature or his obsession. He has truly fallen in love with her and the moment he lets Khaani's hand go because she refuses to melt, proved that he was not going to force her into anything.

The best part of the drama had to be the confrontation between Hadi and Khaani, where Hadi questions Khaani about thinking to marry another guy. Sana Javed's expressions are simply flawless; she conveys her thoughts while being wary and not being scared and holding her anger within, all in one. She shows strength and the effort she's bearing Hadi with, effortlessly. Khaani is patiently waiting and Sana Javed's expression of calmness tops Feroze Khan's madness in the scenes. Her bland face is what was needed to convey her indifference and Sana nails the look.

Arham is seen to be waiting for his bride now. Will Khaani manage to return home? Will Hadi let her go ensuring that she has reached home safe? For now, the Khans are broken because they do not know where Khaani is. But from what we have seen of the teasers so far, we are sure that Khaani will be back and marry Arham, only for the story to move forward from there. The promos show Hadi being broken and devastated leaving us wonder if Khaani has left him for good. What will his reprise be? Let's all wait together for the next episode of Khaani because we cannot just wait for the suspense to unfold!

Week after week, we are drawn to Khaani as the chemistry of the lead pair is just amazing. Asma Nabeel's story and Anjum Shehzad's direction work like magic together, complementing each other with ease. 7th Sky Entertainment has produced amazing plays but this signature production tops everything. We're in love with the story Khaani has been built upon and it just keeps getting better. And for that reason, there's no doubt that the play is receiving phenomenal ratings and outshining all others in its slot! Ruling our TV screens with record-breaking TRP ratings, Khaani has emerged as one of the massive hits while claiming ratings supremacy in the serials sphere and resulting in what we call a whooping success!

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