Sajjad Ali melts our heart with his latest track 'Lagaya Dil'
Sajjad Ali melts our heart with his latest track 'Lagaya Dil'

Sajjad Ali melts our heart with his latest track 'Lagaya Dil'

Directed by daughter Zaw Ali, the track is beautifully sung with lyrics that tug at your heart!
Published Apr 16, 2018 11:55am

The music scene is Pakistan is certainly picking up pace these days. We're absolutely loving the comeback of our favorite bands and of course singers who we missed just a tad too much. And now, when we have our favorite Sajjad Ali release a track, we've been hooked onto it since we heard it for the very first time.

Lagaya Dil by Sajjad Ali is a beautiful track full of love and heartbreak shot in the most artistic manner ever.

Having loved his song Ronay Na Diya on Coke Studio last year with his daughter Zaw Ali, we knew this amazing father-daughter duo would offer us something just about perfect in the future and now, with this latest track we've become certain. Although Zaw Ali returns with her famous dad as a director for his video this time, she has simple created a beautiful video which depicts the emotions of the song very well. The video, set in a college, shows different young people in love with those who don't share the same feelings.

Quite a refreshingly shot video and beautiful lyrics, Lagaya Dil appeals to you more because of its simplicity as it captures the raw emotions on each person's face brilliantly.

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Coming back to the track, which is composed by the singer himself, Lagaya Dil begins on a great soothing note with the induction of the electric guitar which is used softly to blend in to the sweetness of the song as he talks about how so many times one tried to fall in love but the heart never found the one.

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Our favorite part are the lyrics which are so realistic that you cant help but close your eyes and silently agree to everything that Sajjad Ali is saying. The lyrics are not only mature but they ring true for each feeling expressed in them.

A brilliant track with a video that compliments it, Lagaya Dil is on our repeat mode for sure and we cant wait to hear some more brilliant music come out from the legend that is Sajjad Ali.