Shuja Haider teams up with Saba Qamar for 'Jeevan Daan'
Shuja Haider teams up with Saba Qamar for 'Jeevan Daan'

Shuja Haider teams up with Saba Qamar for 'Jeevan Daan'

The latest track to come out by the music maestro tackles issues of gender inequality
Published Apr 26, 2018 04:58pm

There's some really great music coming out in Pakistan these days. The music scene in the country is on and we're loving every bit of it. And if there is one songwriter, composer, singer, music director and record producer that we look up to when we talk about revival, it has to be none other than the maestro Shuja Haider.

Having also been a playback singer for movies like Khuda Kay Liye and Bol , Shuja Haider also made his debut in television as a composer and vocalist with Mann Mayal and the recent hit Baaghi to name a few. Haider has also had a remarkable debut in Coke Studio back in 2016 and gave some record breaking numbers this year as well.

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Continuing to defy odds, Shuja Haider has recorded a new track titled Jeevan Daan. The USP of the song is the fact that its based on gender inequality and features a bunch of kids and the very dynamic Saba Qamar in its video.

Curious to know more, we got in touch with Shuja and this is what he shared with us when asked why choose music to raise awareness about a topic like this.

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"I believe that music is a universal language and the message which one is trying to convey becomes easier through this medium as music is something which everyone listens to."

Adding further about how the idea of Jeevan Daan occured to him, Shuja Haider stated, "It was sometime back when I saw Zainab's case, Also I recently had an interview with Samina Peerzada on her show where she asked me few questions related to the incident about how I felt and I actually wanted to come up with something like this as an answer."

"That question really inspired me to do something as I always try to find a purpose in whatever I do and through music I try to bring out my thoughts and feelings about what is happening in the society," expressed Shuja, coming clean with his reason behind the song.

Now we all know that his video features Saba Qamar who is seen wearing all black but why choose her in particular was our next question to which Shuja replied, "Saba Qamar is an actress who carries herself very well which was quite apt for the kind of character I had etched in my mind for the video. The character seemed tailor-made for Saba. The meaning of the track is also that one should not sideline a woman's dignity and let me tell you Saba has done great work in it."

Directed by Sheraz Malik, Shuja is very confident that his latest track which he has sung as well as written the lyrics for, will succeed in conveying his message to the public and will receive appreciation.

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