Farooq Rind Joins Moomal Entertainment
Farooq Rind Joins Moomal Entertainment

Farooq Rind Joins Moomal Entertainment

Read on to find out what Farooq Rind and Moomal Entertainment plan to bring to your television screens in the future
Updated May 16, 2018 03:16am

From Pakeezah on Hum TV to the channel's latest running play, Zun Mureed, Moomal Entertainment as a production house has always sought to bring quality entertainment for all its audiences. The production house has always focused on not only ground breaking ideas but also healthy entertainment for its masses through the projects it chooses to screen.

And now joining this production house in a very important capacity happens to be veteran director, Farooq Rind.

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Farooq Rind, with his exceptional vision and creative style of directing has given life to so many uncountable projects that it has become hard to pick his best. From Gul-e-Rana to Besharam and the very recent Baaghi, Farooq Rind knows how to bring a tale to life, not only demanding and extracting the finest of performances from his actors but delivering the best there is to entertainment.

According to Rafay Rashdi, managing partner at Moomal Entertainment, Farooq Rind's joining Moomal Entertainment, feels like coming back home for the ace director. "Farooq Rind has had an amazing history with Hum TV and has worked with the channel in amazing capacity before and now joining Moomal Entertainment as a Director office in stature, we're expecting Farooq Rind to helm some of the most amazing projects in the history of television with the production house," shared Rafay.

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"Directors have always been participating with production houses and focusing on amazing projects but we hope, with this partnership we will be pushing something of high production and entertainment values towards the masses," added Rafay.

Confirming how Moomal Entertainment and Farooq Rind were focused on finalizing a mega project, Rashi mentioned, "We are currently in the process of finalizing a mega project. The script of the project has been written by Moomal Qazi Shunaid herself and with Farooq Rind's direction, this will turn out to be something extra amazing."

According to Rafay Rashdi, Farooq Rind and Moomal Entertainment together also hope to work on a short film in the future. "There is also a full-fledged film project which Farooq has talked about with Sultana Siddiqui herself, details about which will be revealed soon."

Rafay also tells us that Farooq Rind is also associated with the much hyped project Badshah Begum from Moomal Entertainment, production for which has been pushed back to November/December for now. The script with its storyline requires an interior setting, shooting for which would become impossible in this blistering heat. More on Badshah Begum and its cast later.

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