A candid conversation with the talented Yashma Gill
A candid conversation with the talented Yashma Gill

A candid conversation with the talented Yashma Gill

Yashma chats about her passion for acting, her play Ki Jana Main Kaun and lots more!
Updated Jun 28, 2018 04:35pm

With the drama industry blooming these days it is always wonderful to see new talent given a chance to shine bright on the screen. One such actress, who in a short span of time is busy making her own mark in the industry, is the pretty Yashma Gill.

We already loved her in Qurban as the nurse Mariam who fell in love with Bilal Abbas Khan and then again in Haara Dil with Danish Taimoor, to name a few of her performances. We definitely wanted to know more about this bundle of talent and her new play called Ki Jana Main Kaun with Manal Khan, so HIP got in touch with her for a chit chat and here is what we talked about with the rising star.

Now as we mentioned above , a new play is coming of Yashma which has us pretty excited so naturally our first question was based on that; we asked her about her role in the drama to which she said,

"I am playing the character of Anaya who is the antagonist in this serial and she is a very jealous as well as a competitive girl who is in love with a guy whose love she keeps on doubting. In this process her emotions get the best of her and she loses out on her own personality."

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Now that sounds like a negative role, we asked Yashma whether this was true or not to which she replied,

"Yes I am playing a negative role however the character does not purposely plot and whatever she does is purely a reflection of her personality."

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We then asked Yashma out of all the roles which she has played in the past, which one has been her favourite?

"I have enjoyed playing certain characters a lot more than others but I would like to mention that I've been able to find belongingness with every character I have played that's partly because I love the challenge of giving life to someone you have never met and as an actor I get to do that. However a role that has touched my heart the most was playing Mariam from 'Qurbaan," she answered.

How did you guys find Mariam in today's episode of Qurban?

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Since Mariam was a positive role and her latest piece of work is portraying a negative character we wanted to know from Yashma how different is it to portray a negative character from that of a positive one and which side she liked playing and why; she responded as,

"I feel like an actor is an impersonator as we play different roles all the time so it is difficult to decide which one is better but I would like to say that playing the same character over and over again would be super boring for me so I play characters which I feel I can resonate with at that point of time and can fully do justice with. Similarly if I am ever put in a situation where I have the leverage to choose a character for myself in a script I will go for the one offering me more creativity and margin to perform. I believe in being versatile therefore can’t build preferences for a certain type of roles for example being limited to either a positive or a negative character."

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Yashma also has a favourite actress in the industry and we all know that it is none other than Yumna Zaidi, but who does she consider her mentor?

"I have been blessed with finding guidance from everyone that I’ve worked with so far but two names that I would like to mention are of my favourite directors Mohsin Talat who always believed in me even when I didn’t and secondly, Ahmed Bhatti who has made me realise my potential and if it wasn’t for him I would still be considering “knowing your lines” as acting."

Yashma also told us that she always wanting to be a actress ever since she was a child and if there was one character she could play it would be of Kareena Kapoor from the film Ashoka opposite Shahrukh Khan.

So far we have loved the first episode of Ki Jana Main Kaun and now we look forward to watch the drama even more. It comes on-air every Wednesday night only on Hum TV. We wish Yashma all the very best for her future projects; we are sure she will rock in all of them.