Hira Tareen steps into the world of vlogging

“My vlog is my way of giving a sneak peek to my fans about what goes on in my life,” shared Hira
Published 30 Jun, 2018 02:10am

If you are an avid showbiz follower, you must know about the gorgeous Hira Tareen. The actress has already established her promising self through her dramas Khuda Mera Bhi Hai and Mohabbat Subah ka Sitara and impressive modeling projects.

Now the actress, model, mom of a 7 months old baby girl and wife of Ali Safina, Hira has stepped into the world of vlogs where she is already catching attention of many.

“I have been constantly asked by my followers to share how I maintain myself, what products I use [for makeup] and most importantly how I manage my career along with raising a child,” Hira told HIP in a candid talk.

“My vlog is my way of giving a sneak peek to my fans about what goes on in my life,” shared Hira.

Apart from sharing her makeup videos – which will soon include tutorials – Hira is also showing her fans behind the scenes of the projects she’s working on. Recently she shared BTS of Umair Jaswal’s music video that is featuring the actress.

“Usually we see production teams sharing BTS and it’s very rare for an actress or model to do so, but I believe over the years my fans have given me so much input about my work that it’s time to return them in some way,” said the model.

We asked Hira about what more would we be seeing in her vlogs and the Goya actress said, “Well I can share my weight loss journey after the baby, or since I am a foodie, I can share some nice recipes that are my favorite; or you know what, I might just talk about myself.”

We are surely looking forward to Hira’s one of its own kind vlog which will give us a huge load of insight about the actress – or maybe a few ‘mom goals’. She’ll be sharing videos at least once a week or maybe more, depending on her schedule. However she did inform us that Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday are the days when we should be expecting her new vlog on her Instagram account @htareen.

Ali Safina and Hira Tareen become parents to a baby girl named Mahgul!