Khaani Last Episode Review: Sentenced for life!
Khaani Last Episode Review: Sentenced for life!

Khaani Last Episode Review: Sentenced for life!

Feroze Khan and Saman Ansari owned the last episode of Khaani
Updated 03 Jul, 2018 04:48pm

And so, we finally have it. The end of the blockbuster drama serial Khaani. The much trending drama aired its last episode yesterday and where it satisfied us with its conclusion, we will now have a void for our Mondays without Khaani.

The last episode was undoubtedly owned by Saman Ansari and Feroze Khan as Sitara Mir and Mir Hadi respectively.

Amongst so many other things that Khaani taught its viewers, the major learning we take from the drama is how one turns to Allah in times of need. No matter how intoxicated one becomes in power, there always comes a time when they're brought down; and this fall makes you learn what you're actually worth. Sitara Mir had entrusted her only son in the hands of caretakers, valuing worldly gains more than her son. She took care of all his materialistic needs but she failed as a parent and it was the last episode, when death was looming above her son that she realized what she had missed out on.

Saman Ansari as Sitara Mir has been commendable since the beginning of Khaani. The repentance, the helplessness and the loss of a mother was evident on her face. Saman Ansari expressed the grief of a mother about to lose her son with absolute perfection and won our hearts.

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Feroze Khan has been exceptional as Mir Hadi and he delivered the best of his performances in the last episode. The way he begged Khaani for forgiveness, actually depicted Hadi's change of heart and his helpless. How this one proud man was reduced to touching the only woman he tortured, feet, Asma Nabeel truly weaved a tale that had us on the edge of our seats throughout.

Gr8 journey of emotions comes to an end... What a journey.. First of all Thanks Almighty ALLAH for making Khaani the biggest blockbuster in the history of Pakistani dramas... Big Thank You to all the fans & viewers of Khaani for their love & support throughout this journey.. It would not have been possible without your consistent support & encouragement. Thanks Team Geo for making this journey possible & making Khaani a household name...Big Thank you to Mir Ibrahim ur Rehman for going an extra mile in making Khaani the Global Sensation...Special Thanks to my brother, Partner & Co- Producer Asad Qureshi for leading the team by example & turning the Khaani dream into a reality.. Thank you Anjum Shahzad for creating the on screen magic & direction Par excellence..Thank you Asma Nabeel for penning down such a powerful script... Thank you Marie for being an excellent Head of Project.. Thank You Feroz Khan & Sana Javed for an unforgettable performance.. Thank you Mehmood Aslam, Saman Ansari, Salma Hassan, Rashid Farooqui, Qavi Khan, Seemi Pasha, Mohammad Ali, Ali Ansari, Shahzad Mukhtar & all other actors for amazing performances.. Thank You Kashif Jabbar for being the best DOP.. Thank you Sahir Ali Bagga for a heart touching composition...Thank You One & only Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for taking the OST of Khaani to the Next Level. Thank You Wajid Saeed for beautiful BGM...Thank You Team Walnut for outstanding promotion Thank You Noman for the brilliant editing...Thank You Zulfiqar for the fantastic Performance... Thank you Sajid & Team 7thsky for their wonderful performance... Thank You to my wife & my children for being my biggest strength... Thank you to the print & social media for their great support.... Again, A Big Thank You to all of you for making Khaani a phenomenal success....❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏...7thsky Entertainment stands committed to its mission of bringing highest quality & objective based content to our viewers... Pls give your feedback on the last episode.. Your feedback means a lot to us as always... Love you all... @asadaqureshi @anjum_03shahzad @asmanabeelan @ferozekhan @sanajaved.official @mariekhan1 @7thskyentertainment @harpalgeotv

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One thing that deserves a special mention is how Khaani kept very close to reality. For a drama you'd expect the protagonist to have a change of heart in the last episode but Khaani did not do so. Sanam Khan kept her hatred alive, staying very close to how a human being feels, after all you don't feel pity for the man who killed your brother, no matter how good he becomes. Sana Javed, nailed her expressions in the last few scenes where she forgave Hadi but vowed to never forget what he did. She forgave him but only when she knew this forgiveness would be his punishment for the rest of his life. Credits for Khaani not becoming a fairytale really go to Asma Nabeel as the writer for keeping the story true to life and Anjum Shehzad, the exceptional director who extracted the finest performances to date, from his entire cast.

Hats off to 7th Sky Entertainment, Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi for bringing across a blockbuster like Khaani to our television screens. This duo, with a foresight, perhaps had an idea about the phenomenal success Khaani would become when they took up the project. Despite all controversial topics it addressed, Khaani, taught us the true meaning of life and gave us a reality check, one, which we all were really in need of.