Ayaz Samoo believes that your voice can make a difference!

Speak up for what matters!
Published 06 Jul, 2018 12:59am

Ayaz Samoo is one of the young and successful actors of the industry who with their hard work are proving their versatility to everyone. Ayaz is a socially considerate citizen and we saw an example when recently the actor raised his voice against delayed flights, the irresponsible behavior from PIA and the cleanliness of the plane.

But guess what, his questions were answered, then and then by PIA itself!

While travelling, Samoo tweeted about the flight delaying issues which instead of being improved were getting worst day by day:

After this, he also complained about the cleanliness of the plane in a very upset manner also focusing on how citizens faced these issues on a regular basis and nothing was being done to improve them:

But whats surprising is the fact that, PIA took immediate notice of his complaint against the cleanliness query and posted a picture replying to him on Twitter, ensuring that after his complaint, the plane was sent for cleaning with a recent picture.

And so it strengthened not only Ayaz's but our believe as well that if you speak up for what matters, it'll be heard and responded too, eventually. We just have to keep hope!

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